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Gave up

Apart from what will be making me money and RPing from time to time, I'll no longer be writing much. It doesn't bring me happiness anymore and most of the halfway-decent ideas are taken, anyway. So, no more.

Profile for New Charrie

Okay, here's the civilian profile for my latest effort:

On to the cut.Collapse )

Comparison Intro Stuff

Having some issues making a decision, so this is me playing with personalities and scenarios. As they say, if you throw enough crap at a wall, some of it's bound to stick sometime. You'll notice there are some similarities between each one, but with personalities switched between the characters involved. Anyway, onwards we go.

Scenario One.Collapse )

Now we'll see what scenario two does:

Scenario Two.Collapse )

So, do people have preferences for one over the other?


Finished Profile

After getting some feedback I decided to merge ideas somewhat. Playing this should be...interesting. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it; I toned down the obnoxiousness in the jock side a little and have decided to see what will happen when I begin playing it for real. I hate making profiles for things before I can play them, to be honest. Anyway...

On to the profile.Collapse )


OSW Secret Santa for Pants 2011

A little overdue, probably full of character butchery, and overall an odd story, but I hope it's liked.

Steampunk ahoy!Collapse )

Hello! :)

Welcome to my new journal and thanks for stopping by. I decided I needed a place to consolidate the fiction I'm writing for both fandom and my original stuff, so I wanted to start clean and get a new journal. A couple things to keep in mind:

1. Most of this journal will be friends-locked. Please comment here if you'd like to be added.

2. There will be instances of mature fic here from time to time and will be marked as such. I'll do my best to warn people in case they don't want to see the mature stuff, but if you're under legal age to view that material/sensitive to looking at the stuff and click anyway, I'm not responsible for you. You're going to be responsible for you. End of story.

3. Thou shalt keep thy whining to thyself. It's one thing to have constructive crit on something, but another thing to flame and/or be disrespectful. If you don't know the difference, I'll be more than happy to explain it to you. Two strikes, and you're out.

4. Requests are welcome (though I might not get time to write them all!).

That should about cover it for now. I'm going to add fic as I go along, accompanied by a brief explanation and the fandom it comes from, if applicable. Original stories will be marked as such. Simple, no?

So if you'd like to be added, please drop me a line. :)




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